Camping in Chewelah, WARecently my husband and I went camping up north near the Colville National Forest. We were trying to get that “last one” in before the weather turned.

The next day I had a huge painful bump on the back of my head. I am guessing it was a spider bite.

By the time I got home it was weeping pretty badly.

As usual, my husband wanted me to go to the doctor (who would no doubt prescribe some antiobiotics). And, as usual, I wanted to cure myself “naturally.”

I had an unused (and yet to be tried) tube of Redmond Clay First Aid Hydrated Clay in my “Disaster Readiness” kit. I quickly went to retrieve it before any further talks about “going to the doctor” ensued.

Spider Bite on HeadMy husband grudgingly applied it to my head and – oooh. Ahhh. It felt soothing and cooling, and the wound felt instantly protected.

He applied two more coatings (after showers of course) over the next two days and BOOM! The wound was healed!

So in three days total the nasty spider bite wound healed and disappeared completely. No muss. No fuss. No insurance claims or cash out of pocket. No time at the doc. And no drugs.

Needless to say, I am buying another tube for my first-aid kit as well. And you should, too, because the benefits of clay go far beyond curing spider bites.

 “Bentonite clay is Mother Nature’s pharmacy.”



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